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The Quicktest 38®S poly test pen is a printability check for the treatment of plastics, such as polypropylene, polyethylene and polybutylene. A testpen stroke leaves a full line on the material if the material’s surface energy has a value of about 38 dyne/cm or more. If, however, the surface energy is lower than  38 dyne/cm, then the pen marking will form into small droplets. This ink dries within seconds of application leaving a permanent image of the result for proof of results. Our other inks don’t have this drying capability.

These items have been deemed as Dangerous Goods by the US Department of Transportation and ICAO (The International Civil Aviation Organization [part of the United Nations]). Lotar Enterprises has certification for 49 CFR Small Quantities and IATA Excepted Quantities, where these items can be shipped in boxes of 200 pens or less domestically or 100 pens per box internationally to many countries without the Dangerous Goods surcharge.

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